• Displays the actual sparkle of your diamond - know the difference between a normal cut diamond and a special cut diamond.
  • Compare the diamond light intensity/quantity through light dispersion & reflection process.
  • Compare the diamond light reflection angles efficiently in the fog atmosphere process.
  • Compare light intensity/quantity and angles of two different diamonds by switching them one after the other.
  • Advanced application controlled system: For diamond positioning, for laser lighting, for fog generation and for fog exhaust.


  • Dimensions : 310 mm x 340 mm x 420 mm
  • Weight : 10 kg
  • Power Requirement : 120/240 v


  • Easy plug and play: Press the power switch to start the machine at the backside of the machine.
  • Initiate Homing activity: Click on the “Home” button and wait until the tray stops rotating.
  • Place a diamond in the tray and you are ready to “Feel the beauty of your diamond”
  • Place two diamonds in the tray to compare their light intensity/quantity and angles; switch diamonds one at a time to analyze & experience the difference between them.


  • Smoke button: Can be used every 5 seconds.
  • During Homing activity: Do not press any buttons after the homing activity is initiated / executed until the homing activity is completed.
  • The laser lights used in the machine are not harmful.


  • One-year warranty covers hardware, software and updates.
  • DRC Techno maintains a 24-Hour global support team.