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DRC Techno Creates Lab-Grown Diamond Detector

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Mumbai: Dharmanandan Research Centre (DRC) has introduced its new instrument to identify lab-grown diamonds. Called D-Secure, the device recognizes all shapes of lab-grown diamonds in sizes ranging from 0.003 carats to 10 carats.

“The technical team at DRC developed this device to counter the rising problem” of man-made diamonds in the diamond business, said DRC director Vipul Sutariya.

The new instrument, unlike existing devices, is capable of identifying Lab grown diamond directly from a batch, saving a significant amount of time.  The precision of the results require no further assessment. The unit can also recognize both rough and polished stones, and can test and verify pre-mounted jewelry.

“The purpose of this development is to uphold consumer confidence and keep natural diamond business safe from dumping of artificial diamonds and finding those undisclosed Lab grown diamond in cost-effective manner.”