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R&D Initiatives

Extraordinary brews in our labs.

We are a think-tank consisting of researchers and scientists conjuring up innovations and solutions that create value, connect the dots and accelerate growth. Driven by our collective passion for research and innovation, we enable industries to re-imagine their business and create a world of disruptive possibilities. We are actively engaged in research and development of techno-commercial solutions for trade, industries and society at large.

Our research expertise is only superseded by our dedication and commitment to bridge the gap in any industry and revolutionizing industrial transformation. One such industry that industry, that has witnessed such transformation to evolve and open doors for unprecedented possibilities owing to what we have been brewing in our research laboratories, is the Gem & Jewellery Industry.

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What lies ahead

We are keeping pace with the dynamic world of businesses and technology and are proud to sometimes race ahead. We have already successfully set our foot in the gem & jewellery industry and are steadily spreading wings to other sectors as well – retail, medical, etc. Whatever the sector be, our laboratory can’t wait to get their hands dirty and turn ideas into tangible reality.

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  • Daya Bhai

    Srusti Diam

    The result of D-Secure is perfect, very easy to maintain, working superb!!!, It is wonderful product to identify synthetic diamonds.

  • Paresh
    Chintan Gems
    P.K Impex

    The results of D-Secure is perfect. In fact, it furnished results better than our expectations. I must say this is probably the best machine available at this price in the world for identifying the synthetic diamonds

  • Nikita Gohil

    S. Vinodkumar PVT. LTD.

    The experience is much good of CVD checking and the service is super-fast thank you.

  • Bhavik Bhansali
    CVD Head of Gold Star Group
    Goldstar Jewellery LLC

    As We Are Working with DRC Techno Since 3 Years Until now we haven’t Received any problems with any kind of Service or with CVD Machines. One plus point of DRC Team is they are 24/7 available for any kind of online service which no one gives in the Gems and Jewellery Industry.

  • Naynesh Shah
    Chintan gems

    Our experience was good and support staff was also far better and it was much easier to understand so hats off to all the members of D Secure who are being involved in the formation of D Secure great job everybody.

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