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D-Craft (Auto-polish)


  • Polishing: Crown (8 facets), pavilion (16 halves and 8 main facets
  • Automatic and manual adjustment modes
  • Equipped with unique dual protection system, prevents over polishing and damaging
  • Minimizes downtime and maximizes cost-efficient, continuous production
  • Two stages of speed: slow speed for polishing and fast speed for zeuting
  • Special feature to cut selected facets
  • Automatic grain seeking logic
  • Sturdy and robust mechanism
  • Automatic weight control prevents burning of stone
  • Error identification system instantly lifts the machine to protect stones from damage
  • Error code is displayed on screen
  • Laser bruted stone can be directly blocked without boiling process

This auto-polishing device is equipped with an unique dual protection system that prevents over-polishing and subsequent damage. This sturdy and robust mechanism minimizes downtime and executes the act of polishing and zeuting with agile efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 605 mm x 640 mm
Weight 80 Kg
Rpm Scaife 1460
Rpm Stone 150
Operating Temperature 5° – 30°
Operating Voltage 230 v Single phase, 440 v Three Phase Ac
Operating System Windows Xp
Included Accessories
4 Head
1 Power Supply ( Controlling Unit )
1 Ghanti
1 Angle Setting Machine & Software
1 i5 Computer Set
1 Diamond Fixture machine ( Press m/c )
1 Lath Machine ( Holder Trimmer )
1 Hand Press Machine ( Die puller – Auto)